Public art can do incredible things and tell you a lot about a community. It can tell a story, be a guide, define a space, and encourage engagement. It can build community, improve public perception and create spaces that beg to be explored.

Many communities struggle to be known for something. Titusville does not share that problem. With such a rich and significant history, it has many truly unique assets and amenities that are still a huge draw for the region.

Public art provides an opportunity for Titusville to tell its story and define itself, not only of the past, but who they are today, as well as where they want to be in the future.

A rich public art plan can help Titusville capitalize on these existing unique assets, elevate tourism, build community pride, combat blight and improve overall quality of life.

On an average day, there are an estimated 12,850 vehicles per day driving through downtown Titusville according to the AADT* PennDOT 2020 Traffic Volume map for Crawford County.

If even 5% of those vehicles stopped and spent $20 locally that’s over $4.5 million per year into the local economy. 

What would make more people stop to or plan a return visit to further explore Titusville? An exciting and inviting invitation.

Project Ideas

Public Art Plan Goals

  • Telling the story
    Celebrate past, define present, create a vision for the future
  • Art as information
    Wayfinding & welcoming, define the space
  • Beautification
    Create vibrant and inviting spaces
    Temporary vacant storefront installations
    Improving public perception
  • Public engagement
    Planning and creation opportunities
    Events – build community and leaders