Something many communities struggle with is that there are a lot of great things happening, but no one knows about them or the community. Part of this problem is attributed to the fact that not many cities or towns have an established identity that can be shared beyond their community. Titusville suffers from this same problem and our branding aims to fix it.

Atlas identified the need to better communicate the importance and value of Titusville to not only its residents but to those considering travel or relocation.

The foundation for any solid marketing effort is a well-defined and cohesive “look” or brand. Atlas developed a new color palette and the Marketing & Branding Team developed a new logo, as designed by Marketing & Branding Team Member Stacey Ross, for Titusville that embodies the vintage-modern style, giving the nod to the rich history of the city while signaling the readiness to look to the future. The logo is used throughout this website and the color palette can be seen below.

Questions about branding or marketing?

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